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Martyna Krzysztofińska

Program Coordinator

Poland 3D:
Debate, Diplomacy, Dialogue

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Kinga Bielecka

Program Coordinator

As Adam Mickiewicz wrote, "nothing more desirable and more difficult on earth than a real conversation."


As part of the flagship program of the United Nations Association in Poland, we create a space for conversation, dialogue and debate. We believe that conversation or dialogue is not only the best way to solve the biggest disputes or problems, but also something that improves interpersonal relations. Poland 3D, or Poland: Debate, Diplomacy, Dialogue, is a project aimed at showing the enormous importance of public and cultural diplomacy for Poland's position on the international arena. Hence its name.


First of all, we assume that​​ the introduction of any policy must begin with a debate - a dialogue about certain ideas in a larger or smaller group.  

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The publication "The Art of Diplomacy - Diplomacy through Art"

On July 10, 2021, during the celebrations related to the 10th anniversary of UNAP, the latest publication "The Art of Diplomacy - Diplomacy through Art", which was prepared by members and members of the project team, also had its premiere

"Poland 3D: Debate, Diplomacy, Dialogue". 

A series of conversations "Guided through the world"

45 episodes of talks with politicians, people from the world of culture, media, scientists and international and non-governmental organizations. We touched upon topics ranging from sustainable development through human rights, diplomacy and international relations. All episodes are available on our YouTube channel. 

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"The world under the magnifying glass. Warsaw international meetings"

The conference is organized by HBS Warszawa and ECFR Warsaw in cooperation with UNA Poland. We organized a panel with the participation of, among others directors of ODHiR in Warsaw, during which we discussed the usefulness of international organizations in today's globalized world. 

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A series of meetings "Diplomacy from the kitchen"

How does diplomacy work from the inside? What does the work of the Polish Ambassador at a foreign post look like in reality? Our members and our members learn about this and much more in closed meetings with diplomats! So far we have met with, among others Permanent Representative of the Republic of Poland to the United Nations in New York or the Polish Ambassador to India. 

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