UN for Youth and Model Untied Nations


What do we do as part of this program?

  • Organization of the annual MUN secretariat summit (September 2019)

  • Training for MUN organizers in the field of project organization (budget, FR, PR)

  • Active, hollistic UNA patronages for MUN conferences that are not limited to simple mutual promotion in social media

  • Help in unification of RoP during MUN conference 

  • Creation of a Polish delegation to the most important and largest international MUN conference

  • Visits in schools around the country and lectures on UN activities and presenting youth with opportunities to engage in various activities

  • Help for schools in organizing events related to and promoting UN activitie

  • Organization of workshops on the subject of the UN, structures, projects, functions of the Youth Delegate

  • Providing information and, if possible, actively participating in upcoming youth events (eg ECOSOC Youth Forum)

The aim of the "UN for Youth + Model United Nations" program is to provide young people with the opportunity to expand knowledge and engage in activities related to the activities of the United Nations. Through the support and organization of multiple projects, we want to enable youth to develop knowledge in fields such as international relations, politics, economics, human rights, ecology, diplomacy and many others.

Through cooperation with schools and other educational institutions, we would like to show young people how they can become active citizens and develop broadly understood knowledge about today's world and its problems. One of the elements of the program is cooperation with Model United Nations conferences. The United Nations model is a simulation of the United Nations' deliberations, during which young people assume the roles of ambassadors of member countries and discuss the problems of the modern world. Participants have the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and diplomatic skills by taking part in debates held in accordance with the rules applicable during the actual deliberations of the UN institutions. It is also an excellent opportunity to explore the problems discussed from the perspective of different countries and gain a broader view of many topics.

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