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Are you interested in the problems of the modern world and are you in high school? Take part in the photo competition "Take the SDGs Challenge"!

The aim of the competition is to find a solution to the growing problems of the 21st century, which the younger generation in particular will face, and which are included in the 17 Goals of Both Sustainable Development presented by the United Nations.

The participants' task is to find examples of SDGs implementation in their environment (family, school, city, local community) and photograph this situation or event, and then send the photo to along with a text file containing a description with detail which goal is achieved in the photo and the author's interpretation of the photo (maximum 50 words); and the competition form.

The works will be assessed in terms of originality of approach to the subject and aesthetics of work, by a jury selected by the Team for the Agenda 2030: Poland for Sustainable Development UNA Poland program.

Competition form:


1. Raising awareness of issues related to cultural diversity and its importance in a democratic society.


2. Support for civil society in the field of cultural diversity.


3. Strengthening cooperation between civil society organizations and other entities, including UNAP and Project Partners, both from the public and private sectors.


4. Promotion of active participation in areas related to cultural diversity and creation of a platform for joint involvement of activists, international organizations, the public sector and the business sector.


Objectives of the competition:

Deadline for submitting applications:

September 30, 2021 year.


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